Gmail-Labs Features I Never Knew I Needed Until I Used

Here's a quick list of Google-Labs features that I have found nifty or helpful.

Signature tweaks-
Yes, it's the little things that get to me, and one such was that your/my signature was at the bottom of any forwarded e-mail. This was absolutely atrocious, visually and just plain awkward. This little feature allows your signature to rest, comfortably, under your forwarded message.

Sender Time Zone-
Once again, not much, but quite helpful, if say you forgot that your brother who lives in London is asleep when you frantically e-mail him about your computer software problems. Life is easier, and makes for less "Ooops… it's 1 am. Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb…"(form the feature description).

Forgotten Attachment Detector-
I'm not quite sure how many times this little feature has saved me, but you, the reader, can be assured that it functions. The feature looks for phrases like "with the atta
ched document," or "see the document I sent along with this e-mail," then checks if you actually attached an attachment. If no, then it will bug you when you go to send the e-mail. Quite useful, and nifty for those of us who forget every once-in-a-while.

Text Messaging (SMS) in Chat-
Many times, I feel that true texting, on a phone, is cumbersome and over-rated. The keys are too small, the button combinations I seem to press make no sense to me, and is all-around flawed. So, why not simply Google-it? Well, Google did it by allow us, less-coordinated, people to use a nice, propper-sized keyboard in order to allow for easier texting, the only draw back I see is that you need an internet connection to text (some-what counter-intuitive, why not just talk to the person every once in a while?).

Title Tweaks-

"Changes order of elements in the browser title bar from "Gmail - Inbox (20) -" to "Inbox (20) - - Gmail". This way you are able (most of the time) to see if a new mail has arrived even if Gmail window is minimized."
Once again, this just makes life easier.

Location in Signature-
This is a nice feature (still a little buggy) and adds the city, state of your position (I would assume of your ISP) to the end of your signature. It's nice if you want everyone to know where you are (such as, if you on a business trip to London, and you didn't want people calling you at 1:00 AM).Like I said, a little buggy (many times I have to press Send A Message once, then Inbox, then Send A Message again to get it to even show up at the end of my signature). A nifty idea, some-what useless, but all-around cool.

There are many other varied features Google-Labs provides its users, feel free to comment on anything I have said, and add your own favorite feature, if you like.

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The Game Finally Ends!

I do not know about you, but ever since I first heard of "The Game," the imbecilic game in which the moment you remember the game/its existence you must declare yourself a loser. The only way to win is to make someone else lose the game (tell them about it), but in the process of winning, you lose anyway. This game has plagued me, and probably many other people, for so long that it is simply a nascence now. But I have found the answer! I have found the reasoning that makes The Game non-existent! No more losing, no more winning, just non-existence! Read the picture above (or in the link below, please note there there is some strong language used) to free yourselves from the clutches of The Game, and use that once lost brain-space for other, more important things!

Rule 34 and The Game

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Windows 7 Rumors

Picture courtesy of: the Inter-Web, thank you much (I did not create this)

From Technibble this morning:

"All netbooks will be capable on running Windows 7.

A Microsoft spokesperson told that, “Any SKU of Windows 7 will be able to run on netbooks, which means that the hardware limitations of a netbook won’t affect the functionality of Windows 7 regardless of SKU. With Windows 7, Microsoft is on track to have a smaller OS footprint, an improved user interface that should allow for faster boot-up and shut-down times, improved power management for enhanced battery life, enhanced media capabilities and increased reliability, stability and security.” "

The spokesperson also responded on the issue of the Windows 7 Starter edition that it limits users to opening only three programs at a time. He says that this issue and other specific limitation should not be perceived as encumbered or “defeated”"

The site seems well-informed, and and claim their source to be just thought some afternoon Windows 7 rumors to keep you going 'till tomorrow (by the way, well worth the wait to download this winter, I think, and was a step-and-a-half above Vista).

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More Open-Source Software, VLC

Picture taken from:

Well, I am proud to announce my new favorite music/video/everything player. It is entitled VLC Player, many people have it and use it. It is simple, small, and damn useful. Video formats that Windows Media Player refuses to play can easily be seen with VLC. It has not failed me yet, and have yet to discover any flaws in its design (except that it is not quite as visually appealing as WMP). All-in-all, this little everything player is easy and open-source, so you cannot go wrong.

VLC Media Player

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Panorama Stitcher: Hugin

So, I have tried, and succeeded in my attempts to get-around the giant Software-Conglomerates with the use of Open Source Software. One such program I have found, and tested was Hugin's panorama stitcher. It did a wonderful job stitching together 3 pictures, 12 pictures, and 50 too (the limit that I tried it out to). It did a wonderful job, and am proud to show you my backyard (please note: I am slowly working on making it prettier, and yes, that is a church in the background). Enjoy and try out the program for a free panorama creator.

hugin - Panorama Photo Stitcher (download page)

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