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Some of you may not know this, but I do not appreciate cake. (gasp!) I do not like the taste, or even the sickeningly sweet frosting used on many a Birthday Cake. That is, I dislike all cakes except: THE RED VELVET CAKE. The King of Cakes (and a trivia tip for you, used mainly at Southern weddings and Male Bachelor's parties) is like nothing before it. It is dense, thick, chocolaty (yet not over overpoweringly sweet) and add all this up with a minuscule 2 oz. of red food coloring, you get this delicious cake. The recipe (Here) is for one that claims to have come from the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel (I'm not sure about the legitimacy of this fact, but it still tastes wonderful) and includes a Nutritional Facts for those that like to know what they're ingesting (it is probably better that you make and eat the cake before reading the Nutritional Facts, just fyi). I do hope you persons like this cake as much as I do.

Edit: Here's the recipe I use, it is mostly the same, except that the flour is doubly sifted. Plus the author of the site has Red Velvet Cake Cupcakes, and there are R.V.C. Balls from another author, to complete the Red Velvet Cake MADNESS!

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