Windows 7 Rumors

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From Technibble this morning:

"All netbooks will be capable on running Windows 7.

A Microsoft spokesperson told that, “Any SKU of Windows 7 will be able to run on netbooks, which means that the hardware limitations of a netbook won’t affect the functionality of Windows 7 regardless of SKU. With Windows 7, Microsoft is on track to have a smaller OS footprint, an improved user interface that should allow for faster boot-up and shut-down times, improved power management for enhanced battery life, enhanced media capabilities and increased reliability, stability and security.” "

The spokesperson also responded on the issue of the Windows 7 Starter edition that it limits users to opening only three programs at a time. He says that this issue and other specific limitation should not be perceived as encumbered or “defeated”"

The site seems well-informed, and and claim their source to be just thought some afternoon Windows 7 rumors to keep you going 'till tomorrow (by the way, well worth the wait to download this winter, I think, and was a step-and-a-half above Vista).

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