A Boycott of FOX, Who Will Join Me?

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Now, this is a blog, and I am free to express my opinions (feel free not to listen to them, I don't care). One such opinion I have is my stance on Violence. Recently, the debate surrounding media's involvement in crime/instigating fear, abortion's morality, and the taboo of Late-Trimester Abortions. As such, the murder, yes MURDER, of Dr. Tiller a couple of weeks ago got me thinking about how the media effects/shapes of lives and ideas. One such is the Slander that Mr. Bill O'Reily spews on his show every night. I, for one, find his show to be crass and rude for those sakes' alone. Mr. O'Reily's use of the term: "Tiller the Baby-Killer" repeatedly on his show only exists to instigate violence, to poignantly shove his views and ideas (as well as ideals) on America, instigating violence, fear, hatred, and societal problems that lead only to conflict. I, for one, will be BOYCOTTING the FOX network, it's news, and all of its affiliates. I have included an interesting clip from Keith Olbermann's "Countdown" (June 1, 2009) that really jolted me to no end. I hope that this clip infuriates you about Mr. O'Reily's actions and choice of words.

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