A Roomba's Journey

Picture Courtesy of: http://miscellanea.wellingtongrey.net/comics/2007-01-08%20--%20roomba.png

A truly amazing discovery. I do not consider myself the first to find it, but I can still bring it to your attention. Many of you, including me, have stared at, goggled at, stood around gazing wondrously at your new Roomba and its seemingly chaotic roaming around the foot of your bed or couch.

Well, Ms. Nilay Patel decided to attached an LED to her's, and took a long-exposure photo of the entrancing path her Roomba took to clean her small floor space. I do believe she said it best:
"We've always suspected our Roomba was actually performing a complex dance loaded with hidden meaning and bewitching charm instead of just bouncing around, and now we've got proof...You can see the initial spiral path in the center, but after that it's a free-for-all that somehow manages to cover the entire room. Now if someone would just make a high-speed video set to the Benny Hill music, we'd be all set."
Check out her blog on Engadget and a higher quality picture of her 'lil Roomba's adventure around the room.

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