Unusual Words and Their Respective Definitions

Thank You: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/a/ae/US_Patent_775134.PNG

SAT time is here for all High-Schoolers, and to help with your much needed vocabulary boost for today, I give you: Scorpio Tales' Unusual Words! This is one interesting read, even if you are not preparing for flawed standardized tests (another post, I promise). The presents some of the oddest words like xerophongy (or a diet of bread and water), ginglyform (or hinge-shaped), sabrage (or the act of opening a bottle with a sabre), and krunkolibidinous (I would suggest you Crl+F to find the definition for this one) just to name a few. Try using one of them at your next cocktail party, and see who actually knows what it means (such as: "Well Jim, (no offence any good-mannered Jims out there) being a theif and all, I would say your quite quomodocunquize.")

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